We absolutely can!

Shipping can be very complex, and as a business critical component of your Shopify store, we recommend having us review your Intuitive Shipping setup to check for any errors prior to turning Test Mode "Off".

The Process

  1. When you feel your setup is complete, submit a support ticket from within the app under [Help] > Support with your store name and the setup you were trying to achieve.
  2. We will send an access request for "Applications" and "Settings" for your store. This access request is automatically sent to the email associated to your Shopify store. The request will come from support@intuitiveshipping.com.
  3. Once you approve the access request, we will review your setup and either make any minor tweaks ourselves, or send an overview of the changes that need to be made. Depending on the complexity of your setup, we may schedule a one-on-one support appointment to go into further detail via phone or Skype.