This step-by-step walkthrough will show you how to set up a Shipping Scenario in Intuitive Shipping.

Step 1

Click 'Menu' > 'Shipping Scenarios'

Step 2

Click '
Add Shipping Scenario'

Step 3

Under 'General Settings', set 'Visibility' to "On", and enter a name for your 'Shipping Scenario Title'.

Note: Shipping Scenario Titles are not visible to customers, so we recommend naming them something that keeps you organized.

Step 4

Assign any desired 'Conditions' for your Shipping Scenarios.

Step 5

'Shipping Methods' are where you determine how the shipping is calculated for each applicable Shipping Zone.

Note: Your Shipping Zones are pulled from your Shopify Settings. For more information on how to add or adjust your Shipping Zones, click here.

Step 6

'Save' your work!

Awesome work! You've created a Shipping Scenario! With all Intuitive Shipping plans, you can create as many Shipping Scenarios as needed.

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