This step-by-step walkthrough will show you how to set up a Custom Shipping Method in Intuitive Shipping.

Note: We recommend starting with the Creating a Shipping Scenario tutorial.

Step 1

Under Shipping Methods in your Shipping Scenario, click ‘Add Shipping Method’ to the applicable Shipping Zone.

Step 2

Create your Shipping Method Title, Description, and Delivery Time. As the Shipping Method Title is visible to customers, we recommend making them easy to understand i.e. “Standard Shipping”, “Oversized Item Shipping”.

Note: Though the Description and Delivery Time are optional, for a better customer experience, we encourage providing customers as much information about the Shipping Method as possible.

Step 3

Select the desired shipping Calculation Method. You can create custom shipping charges based on Combined Product Quantity, Total, Weight, Volume, or Distance, or Individual Product Quantity, Price, Total, Weight, or Volume.

Step 4

The ‘Calculate Shipping Based On’ selection will determine the input fields available in the Shipping Costs section. Fill out the fields based on your store’s shipping needs. Click on the 'Add Another Shipping Cost' button to add a cost or create more. 

Step 5

Clicking on ‘Advanced Options’ will open up more customization options, if needed.

Note: Most Intuitive Shipping users keep the default settings. You can learn more about Advanced Options by hovering over the tooltips, visiting our Documentation, or contacting us for more information.  

Step 6

If needed, you can set a Minimum or Maximum Shipping Cost, along with a flat or percentage Markup or Markdown.

Step 9

If needed, assign any Handling Fees or Insurance Fees. Both can be flat rate or a percentage based.  

Step 10

If desired, set a 'Free Shipping Override' to reflect your store's shipping strategy. 

Step 11

If you have Per Product shipping charges, use the 'Combine Per Product Custom Shipping Charges' section to determine how they should interact with the Shipping Method.

Step 12

If you have multiple Shipping Scenarios for multiple warehouses, dropshippers, or other special needs, assigning a Shipping Tag to the Shipping Method will let you to set them to combine at checkout for a single shipping option shown to the customer.

Note: If you do not assign Shipping Tags and set a Rate Combination for the Shipping Tags, each applicable Shipping Method will show up separately at checkout for your customers. Customers will usually select the cheapest available option, so we recommend tagging your Shipping Methods and creating a Rate Combination. 

Step 13

Save your work!

Congratulations! You’ve created a Shipping Method!