This step-by-step walkthrough will show you how to create Product Dimensions in Intuitive Shipping.

Note: Product Dimensions are only required if calculating shipping using live rates.

Step 1

Head over to Menu > Products

Step 2

Click on the Product you want to add dimensions to.

Step 3

Enter the Length, Width, Height, and Weight of the shipping size of the product. In our example of Ayres Chambray Shirt, the folded dimensions of the shirt are 12”x8”x1”, therefore that is the shipping size

Note: If no weight is entered, Intuitive Shipping will use the weight you entered on the Shopify Product Information page.

Step 4

If your product has variants that come in multiple sizes or weights, you can input different dimensions or weights for each.

Note: Even though the Ayres Chambray Shirt has multiple sizes, their shipping size (folded size) doesn’t change, so we didn't fill out any variant information.

Step 5

Save your work!

Congratulations! You’ve created dimensions for a product!