The need to create different shipping setups to reflect each of your Vendor's warehouse locations and shipping strategies is the most common use of Intuitive Shipping. Follow the instructions below to get this set up in your own store.

Number of Shipping Scenarios Required: 1 for each Vendor

Note: If you're unfamiliar with how to create a Shipping Scenario, we recommend checking out this guide .

Step 1

Create a Shipping Scenario

Step 2

Set Visibility to 'On', and set the 'Shipping Scenario Title' to something that will keep you organized. In our example, we are setting our 'Shipping Scenario Titles' to the names of our Vendors, United By Blue and Ursa Major 

Note: The 'Shipping Scenario Title' is not visible to customers, but is used to help keep you organized within the App.

Step 3

Create a Condition based on Product Vendor > Equals > Vendor Name.

Step 4

Create Shipping Methods for each Shipping Zone that reflect how you want shipping to be calculated for your Vendor.

Note: If you are unfamiliar with how to set up Shipping Methods in Intuitive Shipping, check out this guide on live rate Shipping Methods, and this guide on custom Shipping Methods such quantity based, price based rates etc. 

Step 5

When creating your Shipping Methods, make sure to assign a Shipping Tag to each Shipping Method

Note: Shipping Tags are especially important when creating a multi-vendor setup. Since it is likely a customer will order products that are fulfilled from multiple vendors, Shipping Tags will allow you to determine how shipping methods are combined for a multi-vendor order.

Step 6

'Save' your Shipping Scenario

Step 7

Repeat steps 1 through 6 for each of your Vendors.

Step 8

Head over to 'Combine Shipping Methods'.

Step 9

Set how you want your Shipping Methods displayed. 

Note: The custom Description field gives you an opportunity to let customers know that some items may arrive separately, and setting the 'Delivery Time Of Combined Shipping Methods' to 'Use the Slowest Shipping Method Delivery Time' gives you an opportunity to under promise and over deliver should a package arrive sooner than the quoted time frame. 

Step 10

Set how you want your Shipping Methods to combine.

Note: Most Intuitive Shipping users choose to SUM all of the Shipping Methods together at checkout. To learn why you need to Combine Shipping Methods
click here

Step 11

Congratulations! You've successfully set up a Multi-Vendor Setup in Intuitive Shipping. We recommend 
testing your setup before making it live to your customers and activating your 14-day free trial.