A great way to encourage local business is to offer an option to pick up an order in store for free. The following guide will show you how to add a 'Click & Collect' option in your Shopify store.

Number of Shipping Scenarios Required: At least 2 (1 for your 'Click & Collect' customers, and at least 1 more for non-local customers who will have their orders shipped to them)

Note: If you're unfamiliar with how to create a Shipping Scenario, we recommend checking out this guide .

Step 1

Create a Shipping Scenario

Step 2

Set Visibility to 'On', and set the Shipping Scenario Title to 'Click & Collect'.

Note: The 'Shipping Scenario Title' is not visible to customers, but is used to help keep you organized within the App.

Step 3

Create a Condition based on: 

Distance > Less Than or Equals > X


Postal/Zip Code > Equals > Postal/Zip Code Range


City > Equals > City A, City B, etc.

Note: How you choose to assign your local pickup zone depends on where your store is located and how far your customers are likely to travel to pick up their order.

Step 3

Create a Shipping Method for your Domestic Shipping Zone.

Step 4

Under the 'Display Settings', create a title for your 'Local Pickup' Shipping Method.

Note: Most Intuitive Shipping users assign 'Click & Collect' or 'Local Pickup' as the Title. In our example, we opted to add a Description of 'Order will be ready for pickup within 4 business hours' to let the customer know how soon their order will be ready for pickup. 

Step 5

Set 'Calculate Shipping Based On' to Cart Quantity

Step 6

In the 'Shipping Costs' section, set Up To to ~ and Shipping Cost to 0.

Note: In Intuitive Shipping, ~ signifies infinite

Step 7

Save your Shipping Method.

Step 8

Save your Shipping Scenario

Step 9

Congratulations! You've successfully set up a Free Local Pickup option in Intuitive Shipping. We recommend testing your setup and browsing through our guides to set up the rest of your shipping needs before making Intuitive Shipping live to your customers and activating your free 14-day trial.