There are a couple different packing methods we offer in Intuitive Shipping:

Simplified Packing System
A value will be used to determine the combination of Packages that will be sent to the carrier API for the shipping cost calculation.

If the products you sell are all generally the same size you can typically use the simplified boxing approach. Simplified boxing allows you to setup tiered package sizes based on the number of items in the cart or how much the cart weighs. This method allows you to set up your packages without having to assign dimensions to all of your products.

4D Boxing Algorithm

All products must have dimensions assigned to them for this system to work. Using a 4D bin packing process the system will determine the total number of packages required to ship the order. These packages will be sent to the carrier API for the shipping cost calculation.

If your products vary in size it is recommended to use this method. This method will generate a more accurate package based on the dimensions of each product using stacking and rotation. This method requires that all products have dimensions assigned to them.

Package Separately

You can give dimensions to a product and enable the setting "Package Separately".  When enabled, this product will package separately and not be packed using either method above.  The dimensions assigned to the product will be used as the package dimensions.  These products will be added as individual packages to the total number of packages sent to the carrier API.