If you need to divide your shipping zones further than Country and Province/State, this tutorial will show you how to create Shipping Subzones based on Postal/Zip Code.

Note: We recommend creating Shipping Subzones using Condition Groups. This allows you to easily reference this subzone in multiple Shipping Scenarios.

Step 1

Create a new Condition Group by heading to Menu > Condition Groups.

Step 2

Click ‘Add a Condition Group’.

Step 3

Set your ‘Condition Group Title’ to something that will keep you organized, and set the

Condition Match’ to ‘All Conditions Below Must Be Satisfied.

Note: Most merchants set their ‘Condition Group Title’ as the Postal/Zip Code zones included in the Condition Group.

Step 4

Click ‘Add Another Condition’ to add the Condition: Postal/Zip Code > Equals > Min:Max, and set whether or not it is a UK Postal Code Format.

Note 1: You can input multiple postal/zip code ranges into a single condition by comma separating each range (e.g. 100:200, 400:500, etc.)

Note 2:  When using UK Postal Codes you must input the full format of the postal code (e.g. AB10AA:AB99ZZ).

Step 5

Save the Condition Group settings.

Step 6

Repeat Steps 2-4 for each Postal/Zip Code Subzone.

Step 7

Add/Edit the Shipping Scenario you want to add your newly created subzone Condition Group to.

Note: To learn how to create a Shipping Scenarioclick here.

Step 8

Add the Condition Group  SubZone A > Equals > True

Step 9

Create a ‘Shipping Method’.

Note: Skip this step if you’ve already created Shipping Methods for this Shipping Scenario.

Step 10

Save your Shipping Scenario settings.


You've set up a Shipping Subzone in Intuitive Shipping. We recommend testing your setup before making it live to your customers and activating your 14-day free trial.